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LHS Homecoming September 29th

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Watch-Out for Computer Scams
An alarming number of people in the area have been scammed either on-line or on the telephone concerning their computer. The telephone callers say they are from Microsoft or another software maker and that the homeowners computer is infected or has a problem. They ask to take over the computer remotely to "fix" the problem. Some scams originate from pop-ups on the screen saying the computer is infected. These are all scams aimed at taking your money or personal data. For the telephone calls just hang-up, Microsoft never calls anyone. Don't engage them just hang-up. If a pop-up says your computer is infected just turn the computer off. You may have to hold down the power button to turn it off. If after turning it back on a message about a virus still appears then find a reputable local technician to service the computer. Don't let yourself be fooled by these scammers!

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What's on at the movies? Here's a look all the time from our Entertainment page. Just click on Entertainment and then Show Times to get the latest showings locally.

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When you shop with local merchants, more of your money stays close to home; supporting jobs and other things that make this community a great place to live. Local business owners donate more to local charities than most non-local owners. The unique character of Vincennes and Knox county is defined in a large part by the businesses that reside here. Take a look at all that is offered around here!

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The Raspberry Cottage

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Whether you are new to the Vincennes community or just looking for a convenient place to find information is here to help you. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, web pages and more are available from advertised businesses. Also available are special event web pages and small business sites. If you don't see what you need to know about Vincennes, Indiana e-mail us your question and we'll try to find the answer.

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